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Keto is a decentralized, enterprise grade platform on which to run your business. Keto blockchain focuses on enabling private blockchains on top of a public master blockchain.

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A next generation blockchain
Keto, a global, enterprise blockchain, focuses on enabling private blockchains on top of a public master blockchain. This enables businesses to take full advantage of the next generation of distributed applications within a secure, trusted, private and fully audited environment.
Beyond this, it enables scaling by fully parallelizing activities on the chain, and implementing POB rather than POW. Keto also supports multi-language development, unlike other smart contracting protocols.

Test network IS HERE

To join our test network download our software and install a node. For more information please visit our download page.



Keto is evergreen and upgrades itself automatically, removing the possibility of hard forks and therefor reducing maintenance requirements.


Keto uses Web Assembly which means that smart contracts can be implemented using the programming language of your choice, making Keto more user friendly and language agnostic. Integration has been enhanced through the use of international standards, making it globally accessible.


POS (Proof of stake) is implemented rather than POW (proof of work) and transactions are managed through a distributed multi step transaction funnel.


Sub block chains, either private or public are supported on the master block chain. This enables corporates to create and have their own private world and for side chains to be implemented seamlessly.


Keto provides greater security as the single point of attack has been removed and has been replaced by multiple nodes acting in union.This mitigates risk and enhances control. 

the birth Of sub block chains

Privacy is a block chain’s Achilles heel as block chains are public ledgers. Keto solves this by implementing sub block chains. These block chains can be private or public, depending on your requirements. This will be bound into the master block chain for auditing purposes, using proof of knowledge algorithms.
These algorithms will prevent the disbursement of information contained in the private block chains and also mean that sub block chains are audited properly and enables Keto to interact with other Crypto currencies in an effective and seamless manner.

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