Welcome to Keto, a global enterprise blockchain that focuses on enabling private blockchains on top of a public master blockchain. 

Welcome to the first near real-time D-app platform

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Get your own Keto crypto wallet it provides you access to the Keto blockchain. With It you can send and receive crypto currency and manage your blockchain presence.

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Nodes are a critical component of a blockchain’s infrastructure. Without nodes, a blockchain’s data would not be accessible. You could say that nodes are the blockchain.

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The advantage of Proof Of Behavior is that the entire network gets used in the most efficient way possible. This means that all nodes in the network will get paid for taking part. Thus we enable mining in a horizontally scaleable way. We call this process minting.

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Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.

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Instantiate a new side chain or private side chain with it's own genesis block in a couple of clicks. Use this side chain to store your company's and or private data, taking advantage of the public network.

Buy KTO tokens and create smart contracts. See the amazing KETO wallet.

Keto is a global enterprise blockchain | private blockchains on top of a public master blockchain

Who we are​

Keto is a global enterprise blockchain that focuses on enabling private blockchains on top of a public master blockchain. This enables businesses to take full advantage of the next generation of distributed applications within a secure, trusted, private and fully audited environment. Beyond this, it enables scaling by fully parallelising activities on the chain, and implementing POB (proof of behavior) rather than POW. Keto also supports multi-language development, unlike other smart contracting protocols.

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Keto wallet coming Soon

The Keto-Coin wallet is currently under construction. Watch this space.


The Keto Coin is coming soon with the introduction of our public blockchain.

Near real time transactions

Transactions are processed at near real time speeds, enabling immediate settlement.

Near real time D-apps

Backed by near real time transactions, D-Apps can scale to truly global scale.

Private sidechains

These sidechains can be private or public, depending on your requirements. 

Automated Maintenance​

Keto’s evergreen network, upgrades itself automatically, removing the possibility of hard forks.


POB (Proof of behavior) enables the network to scale horizontality infinitely. 


Query the blockchain’s data using a rich, flexible, structured query language.


Develop your contracts in the language of your choice using our SKD framework.

Keto test network is in stabilisation phase

We will be providing more feed back soon, please come back for more information

The birth of sub block chains

Privacy is a block chain’s Achilles heel as block chains are public ledgers. Keto solves this by implementing sub block chains. These block chains can be private or public, depending on your requirements. This will be bound into the master block chain for auditing purposes, using proof of knowledge algorithms.

These algorithms will prevent the disbursement of information contained in the private block chains and also mean that sub block chains are audited properly and enables Keto to interact with other Crypto currencies in an effective and seamless manner.

Keto provides complete privacy. It does this through the introduction of POB (Proof of Behavior), thus enabling the network to scale horizontally for the first time and introducing private side chains. Thus Keto provides Dapps with near real time speeds and horizontal scalability, with the added benefit of storing their data in complete privacy on their own side chain.

Proof of Behavior

Proof of Behavior is a consensus algorithm that is used to validate the node software. This check performs a complete check on the software to confirm it is behaving as expected and is running the appropriate versions. Once the other nodes in the network have confirmed the results of the check the node is allowed to join the network. Proof of Behavior is locked into the core of the software using it, and ensures that no tampering has been done to the software or the environment in which the software is running.

dream big

keto whitepaper

To see all the advantages of Keto-Coin please see our whitepaper below.

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our partners

A platform’s strength comes from a flourishing ecosystem of partners: developers, support providers, application builders, systems integrators, independent software vendors and various other participants. At Keto we are proud to be working with the best, where end users are delighted and application partners are empowered.
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