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how to mint

Keto introduces the concept of Minting. Much like traditional mining the processing of minting provides a means to secure the network and validate transactions. Unlike a traditional blockchain which handles transactions in unison, Keto processes transactions in parallel. This enables the network to scale horizontally.

This means that blocks will be produced in parallel and that a tangled blockchain is produced rather than a traditional sequential blockchain. To secure and validate the network, Proof Of Behavior has been introduced. This means that all nodes in the network are validated to ensure they are running correctly. This validation information is used to join the network and to sign blocks as they are produced.

For acting as a node that validates the Proof of Behavior and the blocks being produced using it, you are paid. This will either be in the form of transaction fees or through the process of minting. Much like mining which releases coins minting releases coins to the participants at regular intervals to thank them for their effort.

How to run a node

Keto is currently running as a test network, the first part of getting involved will be to download the test software. This is available here, It provides step by step instructions on how to download a keto node.

Once installed Keto will connect to the test network and enable you to take part in testing. Further more if you wish to take part in our production network roll out, we will make those details available as we work the the process.

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